M Type Natural Gas Compressor

MH Type compressor adapt to the larger discharge capacity, the needs of multi-stage compression is the large discharge capacity of gas or CNG mother station with the best type of compressor,with the compressor body & motor positioning measures adopted so that the accuracy of assembly, especially with the compressor motor coaxiality maintain good positioning measures to avoid a period of time to run the compressor motor and the crankshaft on the deterioration of sets of coupling and flexibility lead to early failure, which caused packing, piston to reduce the consequences of life. 



1.The inertia force and the moment of inertia can be completely balanced,uniform shear force,in particular a smooth operation.

2.It mainly applies to CNG mother station with large supply production.

3.The strength of the relative two throws piston in opposite directions,offsetting each other,thereby substantially improving the neck axis (bearomg) stress conditions, decrease of the main axis between the neck and main bearing wear and prolongs the service life. 

3.The more throws, and can be one throw for one stage, one stage for one cylinder .Rigid run good,fast and convenient maintenance overhaul. 
4.Inlet and outlet of all stage cylinder are arranged downward, making connecting rigid pipe, and pipe vibration small; and all pipelines are arranged on the skid, it is easy to identify problems,to facilitate maintenance. 
5.The low-pressure and middle-pressure stages are equipped with inner tube outlet of new-type separator, separation efficiency, making the separated oil and water not into the next stage. 
6.With the rotor-type lubrication oil pump flow to ensure  that pressure of the moving parts lubricating oil pressure in the 0.4-0.5 5MPaG run, improves  the reliability, extend service  life. 

Main Technical Parameters: 
no. type

inlet pressure


outlet pressure


discharge capacity


motor power


dimension (mm)




1 MH-6.9/2-250 20 250 1200 250 6260×2990×2540 15053
2 MH-8.7/2-250 20 250 1500 315 6260×2990×2700 17800
3 MH-6.5/3-250 30 250 1500 280 6350×2900×2200 17400
4 MH-11/1-250 10 250 1200 315 6260×2990×2700 15100
5 MH-1.1/0.7-250 0.7 250 1000 270 4500x3000x1600 10500
6 MH-2.1/35-250 35 250 4000 550 3200x3700x2100 20500
7 MH-4.3/4-250 40 250 1250 220 4500x3200x1750 16500
8 MH-10/0.35-250 0.35 250 600 185 4500x3400x1500 21800
The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The CNG compressors are too numerous to enumerate.

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1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package. 
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package. 
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